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The Roots

Chef Kira Coates

Chef Owner, Kira Coates fell in love with food as a young child looking for comfort. As a child abuse survivor, Chef Kira spent her adolescent years homeless. Eventually, she began to cook meals in exchange for an overnight stay. As the locations changed often throughout Northern NJ, the type of cuisines, techniques, and preferences of those eating the food changed as well, laying the foundation for a versatile and experienced self-taught chef. This is also the foundation for her insight into nurturing that is exchanged through preparing, serving, and sharing meals.

In 2020, she decided to elevate this expression to a professional level by forming a personal chef business and taking classes to enable her to be regarded as a Professional Chef and Servsafe Manager. Now, committed to fresh food and remarkable service with a purpose, Black Betty’s Cuisine offers the best opportunity to share the love.

A Helping Hand

Black Betty’s Cuisine is dedicated to supporting, nurturing, and serving the community using the innate power of “breaking bread”. 

  • We support the community by using locally sourced ingredients, transforming local recipes, and bringing the essence of our community into the experiences we create.

  • We nurture the community by donating a portion of every sale to local organizations that support individuals facing food insecurity.

  • We serve the community by creating intimate, culinary experiences that promote unity and relationship, with the goal of helping our clients reclaim moments to share, connect, and "love on" one another. We bring the power of the Sunday Dinner into any meal, on any day, in any home.​

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